When you buy a new machine from us we will deliver and install your new appliance to existing connections and take the old machine away. This is part of our service to you our customer. However where additional work needs to be undertaken to complete installation we may charge, however this will be discussed and agreed at the time.

All appliances are sold with a minimum of one years manufacturers guarantee in a normal domestic surrounding. During the guarantee period please contact the manufacturer if your appliance goes wrong. However we are always happy to talk things through first, please don't hesitate to call us.

If you need to register your appliance with the manufacturer to qualify for extended guarantees ( i.e. Sharp % year guarantee), please make sure you do this within the first 90 days.  We can do this for you if you prefer. Make sure you keep your original receipt.

If you buy a domestic machine from us to use in a commercial property a manufacturers guarantee will not apply.

This does not effect your statutory rights.



You can make an appointment with us to come and look at your appliance. We will diagnose the fault and give you a verbal report. This is all done in situ. On the rare occasion we need to take the machine away we will endeavour to return as quickly as possible. 

When we have agreed a price we will repair the machine. We may have to order spare parts which will be in within a few days. If the part is a special order we will inform you at the time .

Where we supply and fit a spare part there is a 90 day guarantee against failure due to faulty manufacturing or defect of those parts inclusive of VAT and labour costs. 

There is no warranty where we have not supplied the spare part(s) in any event. i.e. where you the customer have provided the spare part and we have fitted them.

A repair to an appliance which involved the removal of foreign objects from the appliance which was causing the fault carries no warranty. 






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